October 23, 2007


WOOO HOOO!!!! We are on a roll again 29-7 against the Jaguars!!!! Can the Colts do it 2 years in a row???? Are family was ready for the big game last night, we even let Dalen stay up until 10:00 (I know shame on me) to watch the game!!!! He is so obsessed with football right now and as you will see he is posing with one of his new birthday gifts, a trash can!!!! What kid asks for a trashcan for his birthday???? Everything he asked for his birthday and now Christmas is about football or the Colts!!!

October 20, 2007


A couple weeks ago one of the famlies that we traveled with to China came to stay for the weekend. We had a wonderful time and the girls had a lot of fun playing. They arrived on Friday and we had dinner and celebrated Dalen's birthday with Red Velvet cake!!! Then on Saturday the dad's took the girls for a ride on the 4-wheelers. Gigi even decided to drive all by herself!!! After the day of fun riding and we got ready and the mommy and daddy's went out for the evening to the Purdue vs Ohio State game!!! Let me just remind everyone that my husband graduated from Purdue and Matt & Gigi are HUGE Ohio State fans!!!! Guess which side we sat on?????? OHIO STATE, Chad stood out in his Purdue attire with all the Red and White Buckeye fans, but Chad had NO smiles at the end of the game when OS beat us 23-0!!!!

I am so glad we live fairly close to each other because it will give us the chance to keep the girls in contact with each other. It still amazes me after just spending 2 weeks in China and sharing such a magical moment on "March 19, 2005, Our Gotcha Day" with other 8 other families that we will all share a forever bond for a lifetime!!!!

October 1, 2007


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Our High School team every year gets a chance to play at the RCA Dome where the Indianapolis Colts play at!!! You can imagine it is a big deal for the football team and of course the cheerleaders. Since I use to coach the OV cheerleaders it is always fun to still go and watch them, and now my other adopted daughter (as we call her) Brooke is on the JV squad. It doesn't look like I will ever get away from all that "Rah, Rah" stuff!!!! Mommy even decided that Annalei needed to look like Brooke, so she now has a "Patriot" uniform to wear to the games. What has Mommy created??? My friend Gina has a son Mikey that plays for the OV team his # is 21, I had a hard time getting a good picture of him being so far away.

Unfortunately we lost but it is still a great experience for them all!!! Dalen loved it and hopes the school will continue to do this so he will get a chance to play at the new "Lucas Oil" stadium someday!!!