September 16, 2009


Hello to everyone!!! Once again I am sorry for the delay in posting. It seems like I make time to check in on every ones blogs but never make the time to catch up on my own. I do have a lot to share so now that school is back in session I am really getting my life organized & hopefully will be blogging more!!!!

Yes, back to the title of this post!!! As a child I think all of us have imagined, hoped or had a tree house or a playhouse. I know I had always wanted one to spend hours in playing with my dolls. Well I wanted to make sure that Annalei didn't go through life always wishing & let's face it we LOVE to spoil our kids every now & then!!! So after many hours of hard work Daddy made all of our dreams come true!!! Check out what Annalei got for her birthday!!!!

All the little girls are having so much fun pretending & having tea parties, isn't that what being a kid is all about.

I have a feeling there will be many hours of FUN in this playhouse!!!