September 25, 2007


Annalei started gymnastics 3 weeks ago and she LOVES it!!! She is already doing her front somersault and backwards somersault, she has started working on a cartwheel she walks on the beam and swings on the rings and the bars. But most of all she has learned to end every trick with a pretty finish!!!

We are hoping this will help with the clingyness when we are out in public and she will start trusting others to help her. She will go in her own class when she is 3 so luckily we have 9 months to work on that because as of right now she would not go with out mommy. She seems to be doing better at every class, so there is hope that I won't always have a Velcro child.

If she never makes it to the Olympics at least she will look cute trying. She loves to wear her new little "Gymnastics Suit" as she call it.


OK, so how many people are Survivor fans????? Well, as you all know we are glued to it every year. Chad swears he could do it but since he downloaded the application like 4 years ago he has done nothing with it. I truly think he would be voted off real soon once they see how nasty he can get without FOOD!!!

With Survivor being in China this year we decided to have a little Survivor party and serve Chinese food. My two nieces needed haircuts so I said you can come but we have to be done by 8:00 and if the haircut is not finished "THEY WERE OUT OF LUCK" because I was sitting down watching my show no matter what. Luckily we finished right when it was starting so they are not running around with an unfinished haircut. My sister and her new "Fiance" came with my nieces so we all watched the first episode together.

So, far I am liking "GRAVEDIGGER" what about those muscles!!!! Looking forward to this Thursday at 8:00, nobody better call because I WON'T answer!!!!

September 20, 2007


Well as we all know that Annalei's mommy is a hairdresser and she has decided that Annalei's hair is a little to stringy!!! So, what is a hairdresser to do, CUT IT OFF!!!! Daddy is still not to sure if he likes it because he likes her ponytails but with mommy being a hairdresser that I am we can still do ponytails!!!! She has a long time that she can have long hair but for now while we have new hair growing in to make it thicker we have decided it looks a lot better short and of course she still looks adorable short or long!!!
P.S. Don't you just love the cheesy smile? That is the only smile we get now when we take pictures.


Dalen has decided to take a football clinic before next year when he will be playing full tackle and wearing all the gear. It was not really a sport that mommy thought he would like or that mommy really wanted him to do. But as we all know you have to let your kids try and let them make that chose. Well, he really is doing pretty well until they started playing a true game. What ever position he may be playing, which lately has been tackle and full back, he wants to run after the person that has the ball and not guard who he should be. So, we have some more learning to do but he really does seem to LOVE the sport. I constantly have a football flying through the living room while he dives for it and I am waiting for everything to be broken real soon!!!