January 14, 2008


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Well we couldn't do it 2 years in a row, but we are not giving up. We will pack up the jersey's until next year & hope to bring home another Super Bowl win. We may have to let the other "Manning" have it this year.

Even though it was a SAD loss we all still had a good time together, ate lots of GREAT food and enjoyed watching the kids play. Hope you enjoy the slideshow, and you will see everyone was supporting their "Blue & White"!!!

January 11, 2008


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How magical it is to watch Christmas morning through a childs eyes!!! I anticipate it as much as the kids do. This year was more exciting for Annalei. She was starting to understand who Santa is and she knew to tell him that she wanted a "Kitchen"!! And was it ever obvious on Christmas morning!

Dalen was a bit excited too, to say the least. He awoke us at 1:30 am the first time and repeatedly for the next 2:30 hours. Finally I convinced him to lay on the couch until about 6:30. I had to wake Annalei. She was a bit drousy at first, but then when she realized Santa had brought her kitchen, she was full of life. Dalen was completely through opening all of his gifts and busy playing with them before Annalei came out of her new kitchen. She had little interest in opening her other gifts. Santa had delivered her kitchen and she was in heaven. She would even yell out and say "Thank You, Santa!! We have enjoyed many meals since! What a fine chef she is!

January 4, 2008


We received the long awaited call at exactly 2 years ago today at 1:25pm!!! I had not learned the patience of God's timing until that call came in, since then I knew what ever God had in store it was worth waiting for!!!! Our social worker called and I really was not thinking it was "THE CALL", until she said we have a "DAUGHTER"!!!!! Her name is Gao Shao Ying, born on June 12, 2005, that call changed our lives and our hearts FOREVER!!!