November 29, 2007


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A few weeks ago while we still had some beautiful November weather, my friend Kindra took some GREAT pictures of the kids around our little town of "Gosport"!!! Believe it or not there were some really nostalgic places for them to be taken. There were to many good photo's not to show them all, so I put together a slide show to show them off!!!

Thanks again Kindra you did an awesome job!!!!


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OK, I know I am a couple of months behind and it is the wrong Holiday to be celebrating but since my computer crashed at Halloween I never got to post my cuties all dressed up!!! I put a slide show together of all the fun we had during the month of October, between carving pumpkins, the fabulous Halloween party that Kindra and Kelby put on and then of course "Trick or Treating" where we are still eating the candy they got.

Hope you enjoy watching because we sure enjoyed all the FUN we had doing it all!!!

November 21, 2007


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The computer has made it home from the hospital and everything was saved!!! I am so excited to be able to post pictures for the holidays!!! There is so much to update and I am going to start with Dalen's 8th Birthday party at Caribbean Cove. It's an indoor water park and we went over "Fall Break". The kids had a ball and the parents were exhausted afterwards. Thank you so much Debi, Scott and the Smith's for taking off work and coming and joining us in all the FUN!!!!

Aunt Molly thanks again for the wonderful cake. We all enjoyed, like always!!!

November 2, 2007


My computer has crashed and is making a fast dash to the emergency room!!!! There is so much to post and so many fun pictures to see from Dalen's 8th birthday party at "Caribbean Cove (indoor water park), Halloween party where the kids and adults had to dress up, to trick or treating and then this weekend the kids are getting their pictures taken for Christmas cards.

So, please pray that the computer doctor can get things fixed in a flash and keeping fingers crossed that no pictures have been lost!!!! Hope to return real soon!!!