May 28, 2008


We always have our first annual swim party on "Indy 500 Race Day". We NEVER know what the weather is going to be here in Indiana but this year there was NO rain & it was a pleasant day & it sure did not stop the kids from swimming. There is a little thing called a "heater" that really helped the water be 85 degrees & the kids did not get out of the pool until dark when the parents were pulling them out one by one!!!!

So, now it is officially summer here at the Dow house. Today is Dalen's last day of school & we can start enjoying the pool every day. Many pool party's are already planned & I am afraid the summer is going to go by to fast with our busy schedules. So, for now we are hoping the weather will warm up & I am looking forward to having Dalen home as is Annalei & we are going to enjoy each & every crazy day here at the Dow's!!!!!

May 22, 2008

Steven Curtis Chapman ::


Please pray for the entire Steven Curtis Chapman family as their youngest daughter Maria (their 3rd precious angel from China) was tragically killed in a car accident last night. Here is a link:

May 14, 2008


I have to do a little bragging on my 8 year son. That does not come very often since he has learned at a very early age to push every button on my body & I am not sure if I will have any hair left by the time he graduates but there are times he has a heart of GOLD. Daddy was taking him to get a new bike after baseball tryouts & after he had picked the most expensive one he asked his daddy "If I pick a cheaper bike can I buy a bike for Annalei" WOW what a SHOCKER!!!! Of course Daddy was not going to tell him NO since it is not very often an 8 year old will give up the best of the best for his little sister. Maybe he is not going to turn out to bad after all!!!

Such a proud moment for Mommy!!!

May 2, 2008


It has always amazed me how our little one's can develop a mind of their own without their parents input!!! Annalei has decided to start dressing herself & decided that these cowboy boots from her friend Emma is now her favorite pair of shoes. Not sure how comfortable they are to play in but she does not care as long as she looks good wearing them!!! Sounds like a typical girl huh??????