January 8, 2009


I never seem to be able to get Annalei to wear a hat out of the house (besides Disney but the Mickey ears never stayed on real long either) but she sure seems to wear a lot of them when we are at home!!!!

January 5, 2009


Our first look at our precious daughter that changed our lives forever!!!

And then here is our Asian Princess 3 years later!!!

WOW, where has the time gone. 3 years ago today we saw your precious face for the very first time. I still am teary eyed thinking about that day. We actually got the call of all your information on Jan. 4th but had to wait to drive up to the agency on Jan. 5th to recieve your picture. How you have changed & how you have touched so many hearts the short time you have been here. We feel so blessed that God chose you for us & you are a perfect fit for our family. We look forward to many more memories & blessed days with you!!!
We love you our Gao Shao Ying!!!!

January 4, 2009


OK, since I have to rewind back to Oct. I have a lot of catching up to do. Dalen's football team made it to the championships which the kids got to play at IU's football stadium. You can imagine how excited a bunch of 3rd & 4th grade boys were for that except our son because he is the only Purdue fan on the team!!! We did end up losing but we were playing an undefeated team & our boys gave it their all & did a GREAT job!!!! It truly was a memorable night for those young boys that always have a dream of being a college or pro football player!!!

January 3, 2009


We want to wish everyone a blessed New Year!!!! We are looking forward to seeing what 2009 has in store for everyone!!!! I have so much catching up to do on the blog since I was out of commission for so long. I need to make my New Year's resolution being a better blogger!!!! So I promise once Dalen is back in school next week I will rewind to Halloween & catch up until now.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Holidays!!!!