September 16, 2010


I have really been struggling with this post & have put it off for over a week. I didn't want to sound like I was whining or having a pity party for myself but we are at the end of this adoption process & it is NEVER easy & becomes weary. I was really having a tough time last week & it is so hard to try to be in control of a situation that is totally out of our control!!! God truly teaches us PATIENCE & I was not being very obedient in trusting in his time frame for my daughter to come home!!! There is soooo much paperwork & red tape to adopting & it all has to be completed before China will allow us to travel. WELL, there was a certain document that we have been waiting on & of course it was not delivered on time & it was delaying us another week!!! So our agency at this point was trying to give us a rough timeline that they felt IF things stay on course & NO other delays then we could travel anywhere from the end on Nov. or as late as the first of Jan.!!! The next couple of months are very busy for China with Holidays, Trade fairs & Asian games & that is holding a lot of families up from traveling. So at this point I am trying not to completely loose it but feeling so lost!! It is so hard to know I have a daughter half way around the world that has waited 8 years of her life to HOPE for a "Forever Family" & now God's plan is unfolding for her & I have to ask WHY is it taking soooo long for her to come home. She is just sitting there waiting & wondering who these strange people are that love me & WHY are they not coming for me. So, I am asking for every one's prayers that our timeline will be on the short end & we can still travel the end of Nov. & NO later than December. She deserves to celebrate her first Christmas!!!!

Ok, now on to the the fun part of the post & I am done being so sappy!!

We had such a wonderful Labor Weekend (I know late post) celebrating my niece's wedding!!! We stayed down in Brown County & it was such a beautiful weekend for an outside wedding. They actually got married on Sunday because so many of their attendants lived either out of state or out of the country & wanted to give them plenty of time to fly in. Anesa & Joe met at Ohio State where Anesa was diving & Joe was swimming & many of their friends were athletes as well. It really showed how close of a friendship they all shared during their time at school!
Anesa made such a beautiful bride & she is so ecstatic to be "MRS. DOYLE"

September 3, 2010


We got ANOTHER surprise today!!! MORE new pictures of Meilynn!! We requested photos with her friends so we could have one framed for her to have once she is home & once again the orphanage came through & sent us 5 new pic's!!! They have even requested that we send photos of her new family to start preparing her for her upcoming adoption!!! WOW, we are so amazed & feel so blessed that she is so loved. Our agency said they are really impressed with the orphanage because they have never had an orphanage request pictures or express wanting to prepare her for her new family! Is it me or is she just so stickin adorable & looks so sweet!!!

Anyone that is wondering Meilynn is the little one wearing the stripped dress.

We are off for another CRAZY weekend but it will be so much FUN spending it with my family. My niece is finally marrying her "Prince Charming" after 6 years of dating & it is an all weekend event. So I will make sure to post pictures after the weekend!!! Thank goodness are life keeps us VERY busy because it is helping the wait go by fast but of course to a waiting mom it is not going as fast as I want it to go!!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Weekend!