March 25, 2008

Florida trip to see Mamaw & Papaw!!!

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I am going to try to catch everyone up on all the FUN things we have done since February!!! My siste Pam, Annalei & I flew down to Florida to see mom & dad in February & it was Annalei's first flight since we had brought her home from China. She was not so sure of this big airplane & thought she wanted to sit in her own seat until it started going, she got a little scared & so I put her on my lap and before we were up in the air she was asleep & stayed asleep until we landed. Rough trip for Annalei!!!

We had so much fun, she went to the beach for her first time (no pictures because it was to windy & the sand was flying everywhere)we went to visit my Aunt & Uncle & of course her favorite part besides seeing ma-maw & papaw was seeing Mickey Mouse & the Castle!! We went for a day trip to Disney & she was so quiet all day we were not sure of what she thought, but OH MY GOODNESS that is all she talks about & keeps asking to go see the Castle & Mickey again. She really did not care about the rides but she loved to watch the parade & the shows.

If you are all wondering where Dalen is he decided to stay home so he would not miss any school. He was working on perfect attendance & would receive a trophy at the end of the year. Things changed though because after we got home from Florida Annalei got sick & gave it to her bubby. So much for the trophy & to think he missed out on a trip to Florida & Disney World!!!

March 20, 2008

2nd GOTCHA DAY!!!!

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Ok, I know I am really slacking in the blogging department but wow this past month has been a complete world wind and anything you can think has happened it probably has. I have so much to post but I will just try to do a day at a time if I can find the time to sit down instead of clean the house or do laundry since all of that was put on hold this past month as well.

Yesterday was the big day our "2nd Gotcha Day" with Annalei. WOW, it is so hard to believe that 2 years ago this precious little baby was placed in my arms that at the time was a complete stranger to us & we were to her but in our hearts she was our daughter & I was her mother. She did not know at that certain moment that I was her mother for life but 2 years later to hear her call me mom now still brings tears to my eyes. I feel as if I had to earn that privilege to be this child's mother!!! I thank God each day because when this little miracle of a baby was born half way across the world God knew she was ours for life but we had no idea that was the path that was chosen for our family. So many people don't understand the bond you will have with a child that may not be biological but it is a feeling like no other & we would do it over & over again if that was God's plan.

That moment 2 years ago with 9 other famlies is a moment that will never be forgotten & a feeling that no words can explain expcept absolutely AMAZING!!!!

We Love you Baby Girl you are so Precious!!!