October 23, 2008


OK, you have to go check out the resort my husband & I are staying at for next 7 days!!!! http://www.grandhyattkauai.com/. For some reason it won't let me copy & paste but once you go to their website click on photos. This place is absolutely heavenly!!! My husband won this trip with his company & we are flying first class & everything is free that sounds even better!!! The only down fall is NO CHILDREN!!!! I have never left Annalei for even a night so you can imagine how this week may go for Grandma. Please pray that things will go smoothly so we can ALL enjoy it!!! I will try to post pictures from Hawaii but if I am having TO much FUN you will have to wait until I return.

Thanks again MOM you are the best to take on this challenge with our 2 kids!!!!

October 7, 2008


Annalei helped me make some homemade salsa the other day. She has always been a good helper & always wants to help me in the kitchen. Even though my 1 hour job turned into a 2 hour task it will be a day I cherish & remember forever. She was so cute everything had to be just perfectly straight & placed in the middle of the chopper before she would chop it up. I know just a little OCD!!!! After she worked hard making it she had to sit down & enjoy some of it!!!

October 3, 2008

Dalen's Pool Party!!!!

OK, I know this is a late post but I have so much to catch up from the summer so bare with me while I work backwards. Since our whole summer consisted of being at the baseball diamonds we decided to have some fun with the boys. No hitting or catching balls or running bases just a lot of POOL TIME!!!! We invited the boys & their families to come relax, sit, eat & let the boys be boys!!! Even the coaches participated in the biggest splash contest. Our boys did have a great year & thanks to their coaches they really learned a lot & had FUN!!!! They ended up placing 2nd in the tournament!! Great job boys!!!!