July 6, 2009


All I wanted was some cute pictures of my two precious, sweet, adorable, loving & caring children looking very patriotic. As you can see Dalen only cooperated for ONE. Please, tell me this is normal & there is nothing to worry about????? I am just waiting for the day when she turns around & pops him back!!!!

July 1, 2009


Ok, if anyone read my last post & are still waiting to see the adorable flip flops well here they are!!!! Of course the first picture is Little Ms. sportin her Memorial Day outfit by the pool with her stylin flip flops!!! We have now about 10 pairs of these flip flops & she wears them all the time & so many people will stop us & asked if I made them. I so have to laugh because I have not one crafty talented bone in my body. Thank goodness my sister is the crafty one because my daughter always looks so cute.
Please stay tuned because we have had so much going o this summer & I have so much to post before we leave for Florida for a very much need family vacation!!! We started a project this summer (of course it was for Annalei's birthday gift) & of course like everything else it turned in to a HUGE project & a VERY expensive one. I always have these GREAT ideas & think they are going to be easy but it never turns out that way. My poor loving & devoted husband always says anything to make you happy honey!!! Do you really think he means that at the time?????