April 6, 2007


Last year for Dalen's spring break we stayed home for him to bond with his little sister and did not do anything but try to get adjusted to another little one in the house and try to get back on Indiana time. So, this year we went to one of our favorite vacation areas Heflin, Alabama!!!! I know you guys are probably sitting there wondering where in the world is that, but where else can you go to ride 4-wheelers up in the mountains, play with baboons, alligators, snakes, lemurs, porcupines, feed baby beavers, hear crows talk in your back yard and gain 20lbs by eating the best food ever!!! Sounds like heaven doesn't it. Well there is always a good time to be had when we visit Uncle Brian and Aunt Anita's house!!! I am still digging the red dirt out of my kids ears!!! Brian and Anita are also in the process of adopting a 3 1/2 year old little boy, his name is Anthony and he is so precious and just hilarious like his daddy. Anita has already pre-arranged for Annalei and Anthony to marry some day so you will see pictures of the two of them in their Mickey and Minnie costumes from Halloween and she said these are pictures for their wedding day!!! Annalei was never called by her name from Anthony it was always "Anthony's baby" daddy is afraid it was LOVE at first sight!!!
Every time we come home we are always talking about how fun it is down there so our friends Scott and Gina decided they had to see what in the world we were talking about so they took the girls (Brooke and Madison) and went with us.
Thanks again Brian, Anita and Anthony we had a great time and we love you!!!

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