May 16, 2007


Well we have added a new member to the family!!! Dalen has named her Daisy Dow!!! She really is such a sweet puppy and so far has been pretty easy to train, THANK GOODNESS!!! Dalen has been wanting a dog for a long time and with his allergies to dog's we held off to see if he would grow out of it. So far he has been OK with her, he has had no reactions!!! She is a toy Yorkie and was born on Feb. 25th and at her last week vet appointment she weighed 2.4 lbs. I am hoping she gets a little bigger or she won't be able to live through Annalei carrying her around by the neck!!! We have to watch those 2, poor Daisy is all I have to say about that!!! She found out what the big water bowl outside is all about, she has taken a few falls in the pool and luckily she knows how to swim!!!

Thank goodness Chad got over being mad at me for bringing it home because I do think we have a perfect family pet!!! We could not have asked for a better dog!!!

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