February 1, 2008

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Well, I decided to take the kids up to get their pictures taken this week at "Picture People" where my niece works. Have you ever left and wondered why you even try to attempt a photo shoot of your kids????? Thank goodness for my niece, she knows when to take the picture at the right time!!! Annalei only knows 1 smile and that is "Cheese" with no eyes showing, you have Dalen that was giving fake smiles that did not look natural & did not want in the "Black & Pink" pictures ONLY "Colts". I am still not sure why I decided to attempt to have a clothes change, expecting a 2 1/2 year old and an 8 year old to cooperate for 1 sitting is hard enough, let alone 2!!! Well, after we took the photos "Picture People" was packed with people waiting to get their pictures taken, it was a Monday night who would of thought!!! So, we decided to go get something to eat and shop a little, we come back and had to wait, wait, & wait a little longer. WHY, because I was family, we still had homework, I had a restless little one that was ready to go home & go to bed and we still had not seen our photos yet. Finally, it was our turn, by that point, Dalen was constantly asking for everything in the mall, we were all out of pretzel sticks that Annalei could eat and to top it off they gave all the kids there balloons and Dalen and some other little boy kept hitting each other. My nerves were shot!!! So, when we left (3 hours later)I had NO idea what I bought and if I even liked them!!! I just kept saying that is great give me that one. After an hour trip home we did home work and I put them both to bed, I woke up and looked at the pictures once again, and LOVED them!!! Thank you Amy for putting up with your "CRAZY, STRESSED OUT" Aunt, you did an AWESOME job!!!

By the way all of this was for my cute little purse that I got for Christmas that has a photo panel on the front and you can change them out with different pictures!!! I needed a horizontal picture of my 2 kids!!!