August 26, 2008


My little guy is now a BIG 3rd grader & he thinks he knows everything now. They say it gets worse as they grow up, GREAT, look at what I have to look forward to. He was excited about starting school & so far we have had NO troubles getting him out of bed & on to the bus. YES, mommy is still letting him ride the bus & that is only because he is the last picked up & the first dropped off & we only live 2 min. from the school.

The school always has a parade through town once they have been in school a week. They all get matching T-Shirts & make signs to walk with. We really like the small little school & the principle is so good to the kids (that is her on the golf cart). Hope you have a GREAT 3rd grade year, Dalen!!!

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Kate said...

Hooray for Dalen!! That parade just looks fabulous!! I LOVE small town life...something so special about that!