June 2, 2010


It is funny once you adopt or others found out that you are adopting you add a whole another world of friends & what a blessing they are!!! They are one's that understand all the paperwork, the adoption lingo, the stress, the important mail, the stress, the important phone calls that you are on pins & needles waiting for, the USCIS, the stress, the sleepless nights, the packing, the money situation, the travel & did I mention the STRESS!!!!!

Well we have met a group of families that live about 30 min. from us that all get together on Friday nights & go to a Mexican restaurant (I know you all are all thinking why not Chinese) but anyway here are some pic's of our last time we all met!!! I can't thank these families enough for helping us through this adoption, they have been so helpful & an answered prayer from up above!

3 of the families are getting ready to travel back SOON!!!! Can't wait to have more blessings sitting at the tables with all the kids!


Vicki said...

Congratulations Terri! Read, Read, Read, Everything that you can find about older adoption. Join the adopting an older child yahoo group and read the archives and then you will be well prepared for whatever happens. Congratulations again! I cannot wait to follow your journey.

Chris and Anne-Marie said...

Awesome that you found a group to hang with...not as great as OUR Gao Shao Group or course :) Hope everything is going well with bringing your second daughter home. I will miss you all at the reunion this summer. We will be settling-in/unpacking in NC!

All my love to you and the rest of the Dow Clan....Anne-Marie