August 24, 2010


Ok, let's back up... After we received our LOA our agency said that they were going to request an update on her & mentioned if we want to ask her any questions we can send them & hope the orphanage will ask her. WELL, I sent our questions to them last Wed. right before we flew out to Maryland to visit one of the families we traveled with to China the first time for a nice relaxing get away. But that is whole other post with pictures for another day!!! So, I sent them & then they had to send them to China to be translated & then send them off to the orphanage. WELL after laying by the pool on Friday I come in & check my phone & there it is an email from our agency that said "Meilynn Update"!!! I was so excited & screaming & then tears just started to flow. This is just another reassurance from the man above that things are going to be OK & she seems to fit perfectly into our family!!!

It does make it harder to sit here & try to wait patiently the next 2 months before we travel. There are so many things going through my head I have to stop myself from being so selfish & stop & think about her & what is REALLY going through her little mind. We are about to take her from everything she has always known & she has already been moved back to the orphanage after living with the same foster family for 3 or 4 years & a place she may have loved & become so attached to & now another move & another care taker all because of us. I know everyone is thinking but why wouldn't she want to come here & live a better life???? She knows no different & material things mean nothing to her, hopefully clean clothes on her back & a warm bed will warm her heart & then she might not think we are that bad of people!!! We will have HUGE adjustments but I know it will be worth it for her in the end!!!

Here are the new pic's & the answered questions!!! AND yes, to everyone that has asked or are wondering, we are going to let her hair grow!!!

3.The Dow family is adopting Long Fu Mei, DOB 7/25/2001, Welfare Institute of Xinluo District of Longyan City in Fujian Province. Can we ask the following?
a. What is her current height, weight & foot size?
Height: 49.25 inches
Weight: 59.4 pounds
Head circumference: 20.49 inches
Chest circumference: 22.46 inches
Foot length: 7.09 inches
b. Has she been living with the same foster family since leaving the orphanage?
Yes. Now she is living in the orphanage.
c. Does she have any foster brothers or sister & what age?
She has a foster sister, 4 years old.
d. Does she speak Mandarin or Cantonese?
e. Can she speak any English?
No, she can’t.
f. Is she still attending school if so what grade is she in?
In Grade Two.
g. Will she be happy to have an English name?
She will be very happy to have an English name.
h. What is her favorite food?
Shrimp, MCD hamburger
i. What is her favorite color?
j. What is her favorite toy?
Controller airplane, bike
k. Does she like to play with dolls?
l. What things upset her & make her sad?
She is afraid of alone in the night.
m. What things make her happy?
Swimming and play games with others.
n. Is she scared of anything?
o. Does she prefer to wear pants or dresses?
p. Does she like animals?
She loves rabbit.
q. What is her daily schedule?
7:00 get up; 7:30 breakfast; 12:00 lunch; 17:00 supper; 19:00 bath; 21:30 go to bed
r. Who are her best friends & are they being adopted to?
Long Fu Dong and Long Fu Jun are her best friends. They want to have family and be adopted too.
s. What is 1 question she would like to ask us?
How many people in the family? Are there any small animals there?
t. Does she know she is being adopted by a foreign family?
u. Does she want to be adopted?
Very happy.

Tears are still flowing just by hearing she knows she is being adopted & she is very happy!!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Excited for all 4 of you. Can't wait to meet her!


Vicki said...

She looks like she is doing so well. How lucky for you that they have her in school. I cannot wait to follow your journey to her. I am afraid of snakes too!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Congrats on the update!!!!! She is beautiful and has the same haircut as our daughter! ha

Love all the answers to your questions!!

We just got our NVC yesterday so now the wait to TA, they said about 5 weeks for TA to come!!! So end of September hopefully!!

How is your process??

We got updated pics too!!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How wonderful to have these updated photos and the answers to some questions. She sounds like a sweet little girl.....and she is so super cute:)

I will stay in touch and let you know what happens with our TA. You aren't kidding when you said the waiting is hard. We sent a care package to our little girl on Monday and I am also hoping for some more photos. That will at least get me through the next week:)

Best wishes to you and your family~


Sammy said...

What Terri you don't want to keep that boy hair??! I know you're a prissy pants, but come on? : - ))) Seriously, she is beautiful even with no hair.

Chris and Anne-Marie said...

Great news. We are so happy for you!

Lydia Price said...

I have seen her picture on the agency list and I am so glad to see an update and that she will have a family. Congatulations to you and your family. She is beautiful!