September 3, 2010


We got ANOTHER surprise today!!! MORE new pictures of Meilynn!! We requested photos with her friends so we could have one framed for her to have once she is home & once again the orphanage came through & sent us 5 new pic's!!! They have even requested that we send photos of her new family to start preparing her for her upcoming adoption!!! WOW, we are so amazed & feel so blessed that she is so loved. Our agency said they are really impressed with the orphanage because they have never had an orphanage request pictures or express wanting to prepare her for her new family! Is it me or is she just so stickin adorable & looks so sweet!!!

Anyone that is wondering Meilynn is the little one wearing the stripped dress.

We are off for another CRAZY weekend but it will be so much FUN spending it with my family. My niece is finally marrying her "Prince Charming" after 6 years of dating & it is an all weekend event. So I will make sure to post pictures after the weekend!!! Thank goodness are life keeps us VERY busy because it is helping the wait go by fast but of course to a waiting mom it is not going as fast as I want it to go!!!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Weekend!

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Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

So cool!!!! I should ask for pics with her friends too, what a great idea!!!

She is just so cute.

We got another updated pic 2 days ago, with Gemma holding the bear my brother delivered!!