March 1, 2011


AMAZING is all I can say!!!! Hard to believe the scared little girl we first met is now BLOOMING!!! She is loving America & is fitting right & truly becoming an All American Girl!!!

She has experienced so much in her short time here & has also had to go through a lot! Between Dr. appointments, dentist & even had to have dental surgery where they pulled 7 teeth & she had chronic infection, which the dentist said she was in so much pain younger because her nerves were dead! Luckily her permanent teeth that are coming in are GREAT, YEAH!!! Here is a picture right after they wheeled her back into us! As you see she was not very happy with us!

She would not be happy that I posted that photo! Her next first is the eye Dr. looks like someone may need glasses!!!

She got to go to her FIRST Ice show!!! We took her to see "Toy Story 3 on Ice"!! She loved it & did not move once & her eyes were glued! Of course it brought tears to mama's eyes to get to experience all this with her & to think she would NEVER of had these opportunity's if God did not place this child in our lives!

Jesse was her favorite!!!

She went to her FIRST High School basketball game to watch Brooke cheer! She was not sure about the band at first but like anything else she got use to it after awhile & she never complained about it being loud! She decided she does not want to play basketball but wants to cheer/dance like Brooke!!! After years of coaching cheerleaders, Mama always said her girls would NOT be cheerleader!!! HUM, guess I might be eating my words!!!

Another FIRST, which Mama is happy about is...... She is taking gymnastics & is a natural!!! She is already working on her round off back handspring & almost has it by herself after 3 weeks of taking classes!!! YEAH, maybe she will stick with gymnastics instead of cheering??????

Another HUGE FIRST, she started school today!!! We are so excited & never dreamed she would be this far in her English to start school! She has been working with her tutor from IU once a week & I have been trying to home school a little bit each day (I know what you all are thinking that know me, I have coached gymnastics/cheerleading & been a hairdresser for years NOT a teacher) but she is picking up so fast that she really needed more structure in her life each day & her mind needed to be tested a little more. After the first day she already was starting to read books & did subtraction problems with NO troubles!!! She had FUN packing her backpack & getting ready for her first day & the kids made her feel so welcome!

We have only enrolled her part time for now & she will go a few hours each day until she feels comfortable staying all day!

Last but not least another FIRST for her is she has a sister, brother & a FAMILY forever!!!

There is sooooo much more to share but hopefully I won't wait as long to post & will share more!!!!

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