September 25, 2007


Annalei started gymnastics 3 weeks ago and she LOVES it!!! She is already doing her front somersault and backwards somersault, she has started working on a cartwheel she walks on the beam and swings on the rings and the bars. But most of all she has learned to end every trick with a pretty finish!!!

We are hoping this will help with the clingyness when we are out in public and she will start trusting others to help her. She will go in her own class when she is 3 so luckily we have 9 months to work on that because as of right now she would not go with out mommy. She seems to be doing better at every class, so there is hope that I won't always have a Velcro child.

If she never makes it to the Olympics at least she will look cute trying. She loves to wear her new little "Gymnastics Suit" as she call it.

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Anonymous said...

Love the gymnastics!! You have beautiful children and I enjoy reading your blog all the time. Dont worry about the clingy stuff...Riley was sooooo clingy and is starting to grow out of it! I think its just a stage! Survivor is great!! I didnt know I missed the first episode:( bummer!!