September 25, 2007


OK, so how many people are Survivor fans????? Well, as you all know we are glued to it every year. Chad swears he could do it but since he downloaded the application like 4 years ago he has done nothing with it. I truly think he would be voted off real soon once they see how nasty he can get without FOOD!!!

With Survivor being in China this year we decided to have a little Survivor party and serve Chinese food. My two nieces needed haircuts so I said you can come but we have to be done by 8:00 and if the haircut is not finished "THEY WERE OUT OF LUCK" because I was sitting down watching my show no matter what. Luckily we finished right when it was starting so they are not running around with an unfinished haircut. My sister and her new "Fiance" came with my nieces so we all watched the first episode together.

So, far I am liking "GRAVEDIGGER" what about those muscles!!!! Looking forward to this Thursday at 8:00, nobody better call because I WON'T answer!!!!

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