June 30, 2008


Annalei & Abigail enjoying their popsicle's before the game!!!

Annalei has decided she had enough baseball for 1 day!!!

Dalen didn't think it was to bad to sit in the dugout every now & then since the coaches daughters where in there!!!

Had to enjoy some ice cream after a LONG day!!!

This is Dalen's first year at playing on All Stars (the traveling team) & WOW, is all I can say!!! Besides still playing for the regular league & then all the extra practices for All Stars we are living at the ball diamonds!!! This past weekend was the first tournament the boys have ever played. The first team they played was the #1 in the state, I felt so bad for the boys coming back in the dugout with their heads down & NO smiles, they were feeling defeated. So after are the big loss we played the next morning & that team was #2 in the state. The boys came out playing better but still lost. We had to come back & play the same team again & our coaches gave them all a pep talk told them to go out & have fun & not to feel defeated. Those boys stepped it up & played so good & we were tied with them the whole game. It was good to see the smiles coming in the dugout & their attitudes of winning instead of defeat. They still lost by 1 point but we were so proud of them & Dalen was so cute after the game he said "That was like Facing the Giants movie"!!!!

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