July 2, 2008


Even though I am not good about posting each day I wanted to let anyone & everyone that reads this blog that we are off to vacation & stay put because I will have LOTS of FUN post's once we get back. We are heading off to our friends in AL to play with a few monkeys (besides my husband & kids) & then we are meeting my sister, her husband my 2 great niece's my nephew & his fiance in FL!!! For a full week on the beach & complete relaxation!!!! I can say that because we are taking our babysitter with us this trip. Thank you so much Khrista for taking on this task!!!!

I wanted to give a big YELL out to Joe (my niece's boyfriend) to wish him luck this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska for the Olympic trials in swimming. He has been swimming for Ohio State & has taken this year off to train for the Olympics we are praying that all his hard work will pay off & we will be watching him in Beijing!!! This weekend we promise we will be glued in front of a TV watching a cheering for you. It may be at Pooter's (for anyone that is wondering it is really Hooter's but my niece Matti calls it Pooter's) but we will be right there with ya!!! Good Luck!!!!

Hope everyone has a great week & I will post pictures as soon as we get back!!!!

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