September 17, 2008


I figured it was about time I finally do a post & I decided I needed to brag about my son for a little bit!!! This is his first year to play football with full gear & tackle!!! Yes, mom is sitting in the stands biting her fingers & worried to death that her little guy is going to get hurt & then mom will have to jump over the railing & run out to the middle of the field to see if he is OK!!! Well, luckily that has not happened & this time I was jumping up & down because he made his first "TOUCHDOWN"!!!! It was a little comical & all mothers will understand where I was coming from but the football coach did not. One of Dalen's coach's could not be there for the last game so his wife was there to tape it & she was sitting one row behind me, well her son threw the ball to Dalen & we still are not sure how he caught this ball but he did & ran it in for a touchdown, WELL what do most mom's do, I started jumping up & down & yelling but let's not forget the camera is behind me & she was yelling at me to sit down so she could tape it. Well during the time I was jumping up & down the camera fell off the tripod & she did not get it all on tape. So, when his coach started watching the tape all he saw was my blue shirt & then the bleachers!!! So much for him getting to see my son make his first touchdown!!! Oh, well it will be a day we will never forget in Dalen's football career!!!
Oh, if you noticed the picture of the cheerleaders, yes I got suckered into coaching the Little League Cheerleaders!!!! I had to lower my expectations ALOT, but it has been actually fun to just work with girls that are there to learn & have fun with the sport. They do try to get Annalei to come out & join them but they have not yet succeeded. I told you all she was not born to be a cheerleader!!!


Leslie said...

AWWWWw what a sweet little cheerleader!!!

Oatsvall Team said...

that is one cute cheerleader ... you sound as busy in sporting events as our household is a good thing we love watching our boys play and the girls love going and bugging everyone to take them to the concession stand