September 24, 2008

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I went ahead & had the kids pictures taken since my attempt in Florida was not a success!!! Thank goodness for my friend Kindra because she came to my rescue. Her pic's turned out 100 times better than mine. For once the kids cooperated better than normal, so it was quick & easy, at least it was for mom that was behind the scenes but Kindra may have a different outlook on the day!!!!

You will notice there are a few more of Annalei & that is because we went ahead & took her 3 year photos on the same day!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!


Jen@KerrnalJournal said...

Wow! Kindra did a beautiful job, and the location is perfect!!

You have a gorgeous family!!!


Kiana said...

ADORABLE!! They are so adorable Terri!

Kiana said...

These photos are so good!! I cant get Raegan to be still for photos right now. You have beautiful kids!!