March 31, 2009


We left for Spring Break on Annalei's 3rd "Forever Family Day/Gotcha Day" & we headed to the mountains of Alabama were our dear friends Brian & Anita live. Once we arrived (which was 10:00 pm their time) she had a beautiful cake & the place was decorated. She made our day so special for our precious Annalei. What a difference 3 years makes. From a tiny little scared girl that had NO idea who these strange people were holding her & taking her away from all she had known for 9 months of her life. To the little girl today that is becoming independent, so caring & LOVES for her mommy & daddy to hold her at all times!!!! As Papaw Chip always says "And to think you were afraid you would not bond with this child, I think you have bonded to well"!!!! Thank you God for the child you have made her today!!!! Thank you Brian & Anita for such a wonderful celebration!!!!
Stay tuned for Spring Break pictures!!!!


Anne-Marie said...

What an amazing cake!! I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Our girls are so great- aren't they?? I just feel so blessed. Can't waitto see you guys again- 2010 is so far away :(

Doug and Terrye said...

Still waiting for the spring break pictures ;)

Terrye in FL

Terri said...

What a beautiful cake!