May 18, 2009


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Check it out I am finally getting around to posting our pic's from Spring Break. I am only 2 months behind!!! As you will see it was NEVER a dull moment & there was FUN to be had every second of the day. We went on LOTS of rides through the mountains & the red lands so you can imagine what the kids looked like with red dirt all over them. I think there bodies are still stained. We played with all their exotic animals which you will notice it is not the ordinary animals in someones back yard!!! Also you will notice the black & white crow which his name is "Houdini" & that is the brother to all the "Windex" commercial crows. They had also sold 15 black crows to the producers of "Pirates of the Caribbean" & they were used in the second movie. Their baboon is named "Kenya" & her & I are best buddies, she loves when I bring her special treats. She loves to pick through my hair to make sure I don't have any bugs & luckily she has never found any.

Out of all our vacations we go on this is Dalen favorite place to go & like I have said many times before it is never a dull moment in Alabama!!!!


Anne-Marie said...

Great photos. Hope you are all doing well.

Miss You All... Anne-Marie

Colleen said...

Sounds like such a fun place!!! That cake was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! Love all the pictures. I am so ready for school to get out.

No I did not sell the camera yet. Lot's of interest but no one stepped up. No big deal. : )