October 18, 2010


Hurry Home You Have A Jersey Waiting For You & I Can't Wait to See You Wearing it!!!!

It is another week & NO news from China:( I am trying to keep my spirits up but it is really getting tough. My nerves are shot, I am eating everything that is in front of me, I am crying on my clients, I am doing a TON of retail therapy & I am not sure how any of my friends & family are tolerating me right now. So, if anyone from China is reading this, PLEASE LET ME COME & GET MY DAUGHTER before I gain another 20lbs, lose my clients, have NO money to travel to China or lose all my friends & family!!!!

So on a positive note we did receive our visa's, her new clothes are all washed & folded & ready to go & we had her website set-up to journal our journey while we are in China (which once we have travel dates I will post the address)!!!

Even though our timeline is not looking like I had planned I am not giving up HOPE that we will be eating Turkey with Chopsticks!!!

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Erin said...

Oh Terri, I'm so sorry - keep your chin up up. Your beautiful daughter will be safe and sound in your arms soon - that moment will be so sweet and worth the wait! My thoughts and prayers are with you!