October 25, 2010


This time of year there is A LOT of football going on... Either practicing, playing watching, wearing & of course supporting our COLTS!!!! Dalen was able to wear his favorite sports gear to school so of course it was a toss up of either his Purdue jersey or Colts but he went ahead & wore his Colts & we even colored his hair BLUE!!

I know it is really hard to see the Blue hair but he looked so cute!!!

Then last weekend we went up to Lucas Oil stadium (for all the out of towners that may be reading this blog that is where our Indianapolis Colts play) & our High School football team got to play on their field , HOW COOL & Dalen's Little League team got to go down on the field as well!!! Dalen is DOW 88!

This is also Brooke's Senior year & her last year of cheering! We will miss you!

This weekend Dalen starts tournament gameS for football on Sunday!!! If they win both games on Sunday they move on to the Championship game for next weekend!!! As much as I am ready for the season to be over it is always sad when it is over!!! We have made such wonderful relationships with all the families & hopefully these boys will continue to play as they grow older! They think a lot of their coaches & they are so good with the boys & have taught them a lot. Here is a pic from New Years eve with the boys & their coach Jayson!!!

Now just for some random things that are going on besides FOOTBALL!! Still NO news yet about our Travel Approval, I am sitting by the computer daily waiting for that email to come through that says "TA" has arrived & the with the dates that I will be loading the family on the plane!!! I will say my mind has started racing of all the challenges we will all go through & pretty much just planning on the worst & praying HARD for the best. Her poor little world is all going to change & I just cannot fathom her thoughts & how she will feel. She will have so much grieving before she can even break down the wall to let us start connecting & I hope my emotions & the kids will be able to handle the rejection. SO for all you that are reading this we would appreciate all the prayers during this upcoming journey & pray for this child's new beginning of life that God will touch her heart & help her with the transition into her new & forever family!!!!

Then with everything else that is going on my dad is going in for heart surgery tomorrow Oct. 28th. It should be a simple procedure & actually my niece at 21 had the same surgery done to her. His heart seems to have extra little spinners that make his heart race & makes his electricity not work correctly so they are going to try to go up through his veins & burn off all the extra spinners. Hope I explained that correctly & we are praying everything go smoothly! So, I decided to be creative & make him his own candy bouquet! He is always munching on snaky foods & candy so I thought this would be more appropriate then flowers or balloons. Here is my little creation.


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Bill (cycleguy) said...

I wan to know why Dalen did not wear that blue hair to church this past Sunday! That would have been cool! Thanks for the insight into your "life." Still praying about your trip. Love you guys.