November 3, 2010

HALLOWEEN 2010!!!!


This year Dalen requested before he is was to old to Trick or Treat he wanted to dress up either gory or scary, so we went shopping to see what he had in mind... Well he didn't pick anything that I disapproved of so he went as the Unknown Phantom with glowing eyes (but when he went to turn his glasses on that lights up the switch broke so he had NO glowing eyes, bummer because it was pretty cool) So in the pictures he is the one totally dressed in Black!!!

Then I decided to let Annalei decide what she wanted to be this years as well.... First she wanted to be a pretty witch but every time we would look she kept going back to the Princess section & she wanted to be Snow White, YAY mommy was soooo excited!! I have always wanted her to be Snow White but she never showed any interest so of course she made the cutest Snow White!!!

Here is a cute picture of Annalei with her "Best Buds" Bre & Madison!!!
Then of course Annalei with Brooke!!!

For all you of you wondering "Where is the pictures of Dalen????" He is not much for getting his pic taken, so NO I don't leave him out he is just not willing!!!

ALSO, STAYED TUNED THIS WEEK BECAUSE THE "THE DOW FAMILY" RECEIVED FABULOUS NEWS ON MONDAY!!!!!! YEP, YOU GUESSED IT "TRAVEL APPROVAL"!!!!! OH YEAH BABY WE ARE GOING TO CHINA TO GET OUR GIRL!!! POSSIBLY AS EARLY AS NOV. 18TH!!!! STILL NOTHING SET IN STONE BECAUSE WE ARE NOW WAITING ON THE CONSULANT TO GIVE US OUR APPOINTMENT BUT WE SHOULD KNOW FOR SURE IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS!!!! Dalen was actually thrilled because his only request was we not travel over his Birthday which was Oct. 8th, then he said not over Halloween because he wanted to Trick or Treat & then he said not during Football season because he did not want to miss any games, well the season came to an end last Sunday & then he did not want to be gone over Christmas, well God must of heard ALL his prayers because if we leave in the next couple of weeks Dalen will be home by Christmas!!!! SO I HOPE TO POST TOMORROW OUR WEBSITE & DATES OF TRAVEL!!!!! YIKES I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!!

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Bill (cycleguy) said...

Great news Terri! I can't wait! will be praying for you.