November 4, 2010


11 months ago we fell in LOVE with your Precious Face, with not much information about you we just felt led that you were are daughter. I have had many scared emotions during this journey & have asked my self a million times have we made the right decision. I know there are friends, family & acquaintance that we have met along the way that totally don't get what we are doing & why an older child or they don't understand how you can love a child that is not your own!!!! Adoption is not for everyone & I get that BUT doesn't every child deserve a home or a MOM & DAD to call their own or just someone to LOVE them, so WHY judge the one's that are willing to bring these orphans in & give them the LOVE they deserve????? PLUS, God already had a plan for Annalei & Meilynn once they were born, to be born from one mother but be placed in another mother's arms forever!!! Thank you God for choosing me to be that forever MOTHER!!!

So our journey that we took the leap of faith that God chose us for 11 months ago is about to start in exactly 13 days!!!! YEP, you heard me right we leave Indianapolis on Nov. 17th & will be flying half way around the world to be united with our daughter!!!

WE would love for you all to follow along on this amazing journey with us, you may see the good, bad & the ugly but I know in my heart it will be an adventure that will change all of our hearts forever & in the end be so rewarding for her!!! Here is our website address that we will be posting each day with pictures Our travel dates will be added & you will be able to click on each day to read.

Here is a really neat story that I took from another blogger but how true it is. We were all orphans before & thank goodness he didn't turn his back on us!!!!

My Adoption Story

I don't know if I have ever shared my adoption story with you all so I thought today maybe I should.

I was adopted at the age of 30 years old into the most amazing family ever.

Statistics show that I was the least likely to be adopted.

I was the child who had waited- far too long- to hear the good news.

I was the child who waited because I had one too many labels, made one too many mistakes, and was viewed as unlikely to succeed.

I was the child who most believed was not worthy of the risk...

not worthy of the effort...

and not worthy of the price.

I was the the child who most people would have never considered.

The child with scars, the child who was dirty, the child who didn't appear to have much potential.

But then one day they told me about The One who was able to see past all of that.

The One who loved me regardless of the mistakes I had made.

The One who saw what I could be- instead of what I was.

The One who thought I was worth it all- so much so that He was willing to die for me.

The One who saw my worth.

The One who saw my potential.

The One who saw what I could be- if I was given a chance.

The One who never gave up on me.

I am so thankful for The One who paid the price for my adoption.

I know it was expensive.

I know it cost more than anyone could ever imagine.

I know it wasn't easy.

I know that it was painful, that it was hard and it was heart wrenching.

And I know I didn't deserve any of it.

But He came for me anyway...

Regardless of what others would say or think.

Regardless of all of the work that had to be done.

Regardless that there was no guarantee I would love Him back.

Regardless of the cost.

And today I am forever changed.

I am no longer alone, scared, scarred, overlooked and viewed as no one.

Today I am a child to the king~ precious, loved, forgiven, healed, whole.

All because of my adoption.

Adoption is the perfect picture of God's amazing grace and love.

It changes lives and saves souls.

Adoption is...

the heart of God.


Bill (cycleguy) said...

Absolutely cool Terri! I am so excited to finally meet her! And what a powerful adoption story. But I didn't know you were over 30! lol. Know you are loved by this pastor.

Sammy said...

That is a beautiful story Terri!