February 7, 2007


WOW, what a game!!!! Lots of cheering was going on in the Dow house Sunday night. I guess we never thought the day would come that we could celebrate a Superbowl Championship from Indiana!!! We all started at 1:30 that afternoon playing cards, eating lots of GREAT food and the kids playing. No one could enter the house if they were a Bears fan and they had to be wearing BLUE and WHITE!!! Annalei had a really good time and she didn't mind being a cheerleader for the day. Plus, she was in heaven with all the food and everyone that held her that day would feed her. She decided to table dance and play pool to work some of it off, but she still weighed a ton by bedtime!!!! Dalen was so pumped for 2 weeks and could not wait for the big game. He wore something Colts everday to school the week of the game and was helping me decorate the windows and get ready for the party. Poor thing woke up Sunday morning with a really bad ear ache and as the day went on he started getting a fever. He was such a good sport and tried to have a good time even though you could tell he was feeling horrible. He made it though and stayed up for the whole game to see his team win!!!!!
We all had a good time and thanks to the Colts for the big win!!!!

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