February 21, 2007

"Wedding and Sledding Weekend"!!!

The Dow's were very busy this past weekend. My niece got married and she asked Dalen to be the "Ring Bearer". He did so good and looked very handsome. This was his 3rd wedding to be a ring bearer, so he is a pro by now. Even though he was not overly excited about doing it, especially the wedding party dance that he had to dance with Addison the flower girl. The wedding was very beautiful. Congrats, Stacey and Chris!!!!

After the long weekend we decided to have a sledding party on Sunday to just have FUN!!! The Smith's came over that have 3 little girls from China, my sister in-law with her daughter and a friend and then Brooke and Madison Gates. We all had fun until Cheryl decided to become Ms. Fancy Pants on the snow board and she got hurt and is now on crutches. The doctors asked if she was to "OLD" to be doing that!!! That is what she gets for showing us all up. Hope you get better soon Cheryl.