February 12, 2007

Daddy's Birthday and Playing in the snow!!!!

Friday Febuary 9th was Daddy's Birthday and he had been gone all week, so we decided to surprise him with a nice dinner and his favorite cake. Grandma Eaton makes the best "Red Velvet" cake with really good homemade icing. Since Grandma is in Florida Mommy had to attempt to make it. She has never been able to make the icing just like grandma does!!!! It must have been Mommy's lucky day though, she FINALLY did it, it tasted so good!!!! So after we prepared all the food and decorated the cake Annalei put on her "I Love Daddy" shirt. We were so excited to see daddy, but we gave him NO time to relax it was time to go play in the snow as soon as he walked in the door. It was the first time Annalei got all bundled up to play in the snow. She was not to sure of the white stuff so she stayed on the drive way most of the time. It was so cute because if she would fall she would not even try to get up. It was like "I have fallen and I won't get up until you come and get me"!!!! Then Dalen got her to go sledding, she loved it but didn't want to walk back up the hill, she made daddy carry her up. After a little while she grabbed mommy's hand and it was time to go inside. After we warmed up we ate dinner and then it was time for the CAKE!!!
Happy 38th Birthday Daddy!!!! Love, Dalen and Annalei

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