July 16, 2008


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I have finally put together a slide show of our week in Florida. It may seem a little long but I couldn't resist all the cute pictures of the kids!!! Each day was filled with the beach, pool, good eatin & bedtime fun!!! So, there are to many photos not to share & have as memories. This was Annalei's first trip to the beach so I have many pictures of Annalei playing in the sand. And once again Dalen never wanted to pose for the camera very often, I had to bribe him most of the time.

The highlight of the week, especially Dalen & Matti was watching the Blue Angels practice over the beach. They practiced on Thursday & Friday & their show was on Sat. which that was the day we were leaving so we will do things different next year. They were so amazing to watch & Miss Matti now wants to be a pilot when she grows up!!!

Another adventure of the week was going to the dog races. I had never been & it was a lot of fun. I never did any good at picking the right dog but my sisters strategy always seemed to work for her. Which ever dog had the best name she liked she would pick & it always seemed to win!!! The kids really enjoyed it & as soon as the dogs would take off they would be right up to the fence to cheer them on. I have no pictures from dog races because they would not allow cameras.

We already look forward to going back next year (of course the weekend the Blue Angels will be there) & hopefully more of our family will want to join us!!!


Shelby said...

GREAT pictures!! I love them all especially loved seeing Cami up and playing around.

Glad you all had so much fun!!


Leslie said...

Thanks for the comment...Your daughter is just perfect...Yea hopefully Guatemala will open back up before 09 sooo many babies need homes..soo sad ;o(