July 14, 2008


But not wanting to be!!! We had a wonderful time & it went to fast. This was Annalei's first time to really play on the beach & she had a ball. Each day we played on the beach & then went back to swim in the pool & then of course get ready to go eat some seafood!!! I will try to put a slide show together of all the FUN pictures of the kids but here are a few that I tried to take on the beach for Christmas cards. Little note to everyone you will not be getting a Christmas card of the kids on the beach!!! I see why you pay a photographer to do them!!! I waited to late in the week when they were exhausted & it was time to go eat so they were hungry & Momma needs lessons on how to take a good picture & it look clear. So, thanks to my bloggy friends & their help with photoshop I was able to make them look decent.

Stay tuned for more updates & pictures from vacation!!!


Doug and Terrye said...

I love the kiss on the cheek picture! How sweet!

Terrye in FL

Leslie said...

Love your pics..your children are gorgeous..We just got back from the ocean too!!!!